Telling an African descendant they need therapy could result in many things; oftentimes the suggestion feeling more like judgement than real actionable help. I'm a beneficiary of therapy and what it can do if you work it; but I still find myself needing more than just my committed Monday therapy session. After a difficult session I was able to unlock my own reality; sessions couldn't be the only time I worked on myself or dedicated an activity to my healing.

Organized therapy isn't my only solace.

My therapy is not and I repeat is NOT just me sitting on a couch telling all of my business to a stranger; while they write quick notes and look at me intently.

I received a cheat code (as I like to call it) after a very difficult situation pushed me to call an emergency therapy session. After the session ended I was still feeling horrible, hungry and exhausted; I heated up some leftovers and decided to busy myself by turning up the music that is always playing in my house. 3 minutes later I discovered my #BLKTRPY

BLK TRPY | Is whatever you can do, think, or experience that will help you heal; even if just for a moment. 

My #BLKTRPY consisted of me dancing my heart out to songs (any songs) that made me feel; and crazy enough I started recording these sessions and even posted quite a few on IG/FB. I always started my dancing in the most random of ways; while heating up food, or just before I got dressed; looking like I’d been in the house all day (because I had) and ever so comfy with myself (because I am). The sessions didn’t require me to be anything but myself; I started lip syncing and before I knew it I was creating my own repository of BLKTRPY sessions. 

Being willing to open new doors to discover new healing rooms was not something I expected; but it is my silver lining to situations that are not so great during these times. 

Today, I dance and lip sync it out and drink tea in between songs. I feel better when I finish  doing any of these things and talk about my #BLKTRPY in sessions with my therapist, who encourages me to do whatever I need to do to help balance me out. My tears don’t always fall down my face; they can be found in the song lyrics or the steps I choreograph on the spot while filming. Nothing is thought out, it’s much like life at the moment. 

My BLKTRPY is just that; mine.


Imagine being so special by design that you get to create what helps heal you and make you whole. It’s something about this discovery about myself that makes me turn on the music and dance one out; in honor of healing by any means necessary.

Let’s Be Made Whole!

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