DIANA Quote, play cousin podcast

Born in the Chi, grew up in Cali, and was raised in VA, nothing has nor will it ever not be extra sauce with this one. Have you ever tried to control glitter? Growing up as a little black girl in America, she experienced much more than her years on earth. 

She knows trauma, brokenness, depression, pain, sadness, hurt, betrayal, lies, suicide, abandonment, therapy, sitting with a licensed professional, doing the work, failure, breakdowns, forgiveness, reconciliation, and oh yeah her favorite, healing.

When she’s not being a #HealLeader in the community, she leads in her professional career as a Senior Project Manager; governing an IT portfolio; balancing effective communication with technical intellect; but to be honest, she's probably just recording another #DanceTRPY video, cooking a bomb 5-star meal and minding her #MentalBusiness.

BOMB MAC & CHEESE | Blesses your soul; Is several cheeses mixed together, knows what it's doing and don't need no hype. It's the drip and the faucet; and when that yam juice hits It..IT MAKES #BLACKGOLD

Let’s Be Made Whole!