S T E V I E - P

Stevie-P QUote, play cousin podcast Hailing from the DM-“SUPER CAPITAL V” area, currently residing in DC, Stevie P serves as the residential #VIBECurator of the Play Cousin Podcast.  He continues the vibe on our DC social scene with several monthly events under the guise of his Usual Suspectz team; notably known for their monthly R&B party “The Set”. 

Whether he’s at work or off the clock, he remains true to his roots as a student of the culture, with an innate eye for trends while looking to find organic connections between lifestyle, content, and experience.

BOMB MAC & CHEESE | ...No one knows; we still waiting for him to answer the text; but until he lets us know..it's the Caucasian-IST batch of unseasoned, 2-pieces of sandwich cheese, with goat milk and raisins. 

In the DMV area; don't miss the dopest R&B Experience. Follow THESET here

Let’s Be Made Whole!